Our Story

Addiction is a debilitating disease that needs the same level of care as other chronic diseases. TriTanium Solutions is the provider of BreakThru, a service focused on value for population health management of the chronic medical condition of addiction and substance use disorders.

TriTanium Experience and Focus

  • Our focus is placed on work ethic and offering a service that clients value, believe in, and talk about
  • We provide best practice, value-based, client-centric solutions
  • Together with our partners, we meet unmet community and clinical needs
  • TriTanium’s leadership has over 25 years of combined behavioral health and healthcare management experience
  • The company’s primary solution is providing the BreakThru service for medical withdrawal management

Our Mission

Focusing on integrity and quality, together with our customers and employees, to create a healthier and better life for many people impacted by addiction and mental health illnesses.

By providing service excellence and unwavering compassion we strive to preserve the dignity of all those we serve.

Our Commitments

Our commitments are embedded in the business – in our culture, work ethic, values, and behavior.


We aim high, set ambitious goals, deliver results, and we use client as well as employee feedback to adjust when necessary. We move quickly and make timely, well-reasoned decisions because our future depends on them. We invest in authority where it needs to be, in the hands of the people closest to the client, patients and the work.


We maintain the highest ethical standards in everything we do from communications to our clients to interactions with our patients. We communicate honestly and directly to clients, employees and patients, and deliver consistently what we promise.


We take accountability for everything we do and instill that in our employees. We communicate honestly and directly to clients, employees, patients, as well as deliver consistently what we promise.


We are results driven, yet unique in how we constantly keep the best interest of the clients and patients we serve in mind. We are a company of realists and optimists, and we project these values into everything we do.


We continually review  processes and procedures to ensure everything we do falls within the highest standards of quality.

Filling Unmet Community and Clinical Needs

Drug deaths in America are rising faster than ever. Every day 91 Americans die from an opioid overdose (that includes prescription opioids and heroin).1  Drug abuse is a major public health problem that impacts society on multiple levels. Directly or indirectly, every community is affected by drug abuse and addiction, as is every family. More than half (56%) of the public report that they have some personal connection to the issue, saying that they or someone they know has abused, been addicted to, or died from prescription painkillers.2  In November of 2016, the United States (U.S.) Surgeon General’s office issued its first ever report on the topic of addiction, with a goal to shift the way our society thinks about substance misuse and substance use disorders.3  “The 426-page report, titled “Facing Addiction in America,” was modeled on the 1964 surgeon general’s report on smoking and health, which first linked cigarettes to cancer and led to a successful national campaign against tobacco use”, Dr. Vivek H. Murthy, Former United States Surgeon General.

Addiction is a debilitating disease. It has life-threatening effects on the patient as well as social and economical effects. Healthcare systems have been strained in recent years by the impact of the opioid epidemic and the person struggling with addiction is often left to navigate their path by themselves. TriTanium is dedicated to helping the at-risk population of those who suffer from the chronic medical condition of addiction and bridging the gap between the patient, the medical community and the path to recovery through its BreakThru service.

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