Clinical quality metrics are tools that help measure the quality of our medical withdrawal management service. We measure our metrics against established and sourced benchmarks with the goal to meet or exceed the established benchmarks. Measuring and reporting clinical quality metrics helps to ensure that our medical withdrawal management service is delivering effective, safe, efficient, patient-focused, equitable and timely care. The BreakThru service medical withdrawal management service measures the following metrics:

Patient Satisfaction Results
Completely satisfied with BreakThru service 90% or greater
Completely satisfied with wait time 90% or greater
Completely satisfied with explanation of aftercare plan by the BreakThru staff 90% or greater
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Metric BreakThru Goal
Average length of stay 3 days
Records audited for compliance for meeting medical necessity criteria 100% compliance found
Left Against Medical Advise (AMA) 0%
Success rate for completing the acute service as ordered by physician 100%
Total denials by payors based upon medical necessity criteria for all BreaktThru patients 0%
Total readmissions to BreakThru – within 30 days 0%
Total readmissions to BreakThru – outside 30 days <20%
Patient compliance with discharge plan 100%
1-month patient follow-up call completed  70% or greater
3-month patient follow-up call completed 45% or greater
6-month patient follow-up call completed 35% or greater
12-month patient follow-up call completed 25% or greater
Completed outpatient treatment at 12 months 50% or greater
Relapse rate as reported by patient <50%


Focusing on integrity and quality, together with our customers and employees, to create a healthier and better life for many people impacted by addiction and mental health illnesses.

By providing service excellence and unwavering compassion we strive to preserve the dignity of all those we serve.


TriTanium Solutions is a national provider of healthcare “Best Practices” solutions. We use a client-centric approach, with a focus on understanding the client’s issues and needs, coupled with flawless execution and delivery, to maximize value-based returns.


Nearly 21 million people suffer from a substance use disorder.
1 in 10

Only 1 in 10 seek treatment

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Addiction is a debilitating disease. It has life-threatening effects on the patient as well as social and economic effects. Healthcare systems have been strained in recent years by the impact of the opioid epidemic and the person struggling with addiction is often left to navigate their path by themselves. TriTanium is dedicated to helping the at-risk population of those who suffer from the chronic medical condition of addiction and bridging the gap between the patient, the medical community and the path to recovery through its BreakThru service.