BreakThru Continuum of Care Managers experience incredible stories from the people they touch. Their hearts connect with every single one of their patients, during and following treatment, and their hope is for continued success in their path to recovery. We love to share a few of the most powerful experiences from each BreakThru site. (NOTE: Names have been altered to protect the identity of the patient.)

“We received a call from Kelly that explained to me that she needed to be medically stabilized from the abuse of IV heroin and methamphetamines along with benzodiazepine use.  Kelly went on to explain that she was the victim of a sex trafficking ring, and the leader of the ring had just been arrested.  She stated that she had four years of recovery before the sex trafficking and that part of the manipulation of victims by the leader was the use of heroin; by injecting the victims with drugs they became more compliant. After my assessment, I gave Kelly an admission date for the following day, but told her that if she became too sick before her appointment she should come straight to the ED; which is what she ended up doing.  Upon admission to the ED I was called and met with Kelly.  She was in withdrawal and obviously trauma from the events that brought her to our facility.  Our staff from the Physicians, Nurses, and Patient Technicians were outstanding in their treatment of this scared, lost, and sick patient. Upon discharge Kelly’s mother, father and a family friend lined up on the wall outside her room.  They were waiting for her nurse and myself to appear so they all could thank us for the personal warm and loving care their daughter received while in our care.  Kelly went on to a women’s refuge for healing.”

Kari, BreakThru CCM

“Brian came from a 90-day treatment center who was sent to our facility due to an intervention. He was not from Texas and was very uncomfortable with the hospital and his surroundings. At the time, Brian did not come with any of his essentials such as clothes, personal items, or a cell phone charger. The anxiety level of Brian was very high since his phone had died and he was unable to contact his family without the phone numbers. I was able to find a charger within the hospital to ease some of his troubles and I also provided him with some crossword puzzles and books to keep him occupied. Brain was very thankful that the nurse and staff were so nice to him and made the experience pleasurable. Brian was very depressed that he let his family down by drinking again but the staff and myself let him know this was a new beginning and he had another chance to make things right. Upon discharge, Brian gave me a hug and stated, “I was an Angel” he felt not everyone could have the sympathy of someone they did not know and what them to succeed and overcome their problems. I was able to check with the facility and Brian is doing quite well and has still continued on his path of recovery.”

Jacque, BreakThru CCM

“Agnus had fallen from her attic, requiring shoulder surgery. Following surgery, she was prescribed opiates throughout her recovery/rehab. Once Agnus had completed her physical therapy, she elected to stop taking the opiates – unaware of withdrawal or physical dependence. Once she began to feel poorly, her daughter called her physician and described the symptoms and was given no guidance outside of taking some Tylenol/Motrin. Agnus’s daughter became desperate to find a resolution and began researching options and found BreakThru via the Northeast Baptist website. We spoke several times that day and scheduled an intake for her mother. During the assessment, we discussed the symptoms of withdrawal, physical dependence and the possible medical ramifications of not being appropriately tapered or medically stabilized while going through withdrawal. Agnus, who was suffering from severe symptoms began to cry and stated, “Why did no one tell me of this and its possibility? I feel wronged.  I thought I was dying with my heart. That is wrong of them to do this to me and not be honest about these evil medications!” We were able to get Agnus through the withdrawal and medically stabilized her so that she could return home safely with pain that was controlled by Motrin.  At discharge, Agnus stated, “I am so glad I had BreakThru to get me through this and treat me with respect and teach me what I should have been told by my Doctor– it is irresponsible for doctors to prescribe and not be open about possible effects and this physical dependence that can happen. This experience was hell and I thought I was dying. Now I am walking out of here feeling like I did before my fall.”

Heather, BreakThru CCM

“A few months back I had a booth set up at a business expo and an older gentleman, probably in his mid-60s, stopped by and told me and a few other people at my booth that he had been in our program 3 months ago.  I asked him how he was doing now and he said he was doing great and still attending meetings regularly.  He told me that if it hadn’t been for the two girls that helped him through our program that he would have never made it.  He said that after years of people treating him as “just an old drunk” that our nurses made him feel like he mattered for the first time in a long time.  He said that even now their kindness gets him through some of his bad days.  I told him that I would pass it along to the nurses and they would appreciate hearing it because a lot of times we see our patient’s worst and never get to see their success.”

Teddi, BreakThru CCM

“Carl had been struggling with alcohol abuse for twenty years.  He completed the BreakThru program and went on to receive the Vivitrol injection.  He did well and was sober for 5 months.Carl thought he could recover by himself, thought he did not need the shot.  He did not go to counseling or AA meetings, and he went back to drinking.  He returned to the emergency room nervous, anxious, elevated blood pressure, and asking for help. Carl was readmitted to the BreakThru program.  Three months later, Carl came to the hospital to speak with the BreakThru staff asking how he could contribute to helping others struggling with addiction.  He spoke of how he continues to receive the Vivitrol injection.  He continues to see the counselor BreakThru set him up with and he attends AA meetings regularly. Carl said, “The first time around I didn’t think I needed any support, I didn’t think AA meetings could help.  Yeah, I was walking around sober, but I was not recovering.”  To help give back, Carl offers his time sharing his recovery story to BreakThru patients who may need support and encouragement.”

Gina, BreakThru CCM

“Maria came to us from the lower part of WV and had been at a suboxone clinic for 8 years receiving a high dose for most of the time in treatment there. She wanted to get off of it to get the Vivitrol injection, however her PCP and the suboxone clinic told her that she had such a tolerance for that dose that it would take years to wean her off of it unless she was at a medical facility while doing it and they had no clue where a place like that was for her to receive that kind of treatment.  Maria said that she spent months doing research online before she finally found our program. She said that her PCP was excited to hear about the program and asked that she bring information back on it for other patients since opiate addiction is so prominent in their area.  When Maria came into the program she was extremely ill, but very positive.  She has a young child that she hasn’t had custody of for years because of drug abuse.  Maria said she wanted to get her back but knew that she wasn’t good for her daughter the way she was at this point and that her daughter deserved better.  While she was here she spent time online researching places to go long term because she said that her entire family and most of her friends were also addicts. She also joined Facebook NA meetings while inpatient here and spent a lot of time talking to them.  When Maria left our program she told me that she had never been treated like a normal person when she had tried to get help before and because of that she now wanted to go to college and hopefully become a counselor for addiction after she finishes her own treatment.”

Gina, BreakThru CCM

“A video on Facebook went viral of a man that overdosed and was being revived by first responders. His girlfriend was standing close by and was recording him coming in and out of consciousness. BreakThru shortly afterward received a call for help where the man, John, had just come from the ER where CPR was provided to revive him. John was in severe pain due to a fractured sternum and was pleading for help. BreakThru admitted him to the program and provided him emotional support, reassurance and a new path to lead. John stayed in the hospital for 7 days treated for addiction and sepsis. He is now recovering in a skilled nursing facility until the infection is cleared and will transition to a rehabilitation to continue his recovery.”

Tiffany, BreakThru CCM